Women Casual Wear Fashion Tips

Don’t you love the attention you get when you go into the office dressed in your tailored suit? Or how about when you’re attending a black-tie event, and you’re wearing the perfect dress? All eyes are on you, and let’s be honest, it feels great.
Everyone loves and excuse to dress up, but it’s not an everyday event. Ninety percent of the time our hair is up, our boots on, and we’ve managed some kind of top with a pair of jeans. The coat is going to hide our outfit anyway right? Why make an effort?
Don’t be resigned to this mindset; it’s far too early to give up on making an effort. Soon you’ll be contemplating popping into the store in your pyjamas. Turn around; you’re going the wrong way. Say no to the white light of indifference.
Dressing up doesn’t have to be an all or nothing kind of decision. Familiarize yourself with the causal chic look where you get to enjoy both comfort and ease without looking sloppy.
For lucky women who have mastered the art of casual wear fashion, you probably have most, if not all, the essentials in your wardrobe already. You’ve mastered the art of pair basics with prints, know what hemlines are appropriate for what occasions, and I’ll even bet you have a go-to blazer to turn to in case you’re short on time.

But what about the rest of us so haven’t quite mastered the effortlessly put together and beautiful look?
Read on and never doubt your taste again.

Choose your basics wisely

In the same way you would take the time to pick out your formal attire, take the initial time to pick quality, cohesive, versatile pieces of fabrics and colors that match together. Solid colours are great; you won’t have to debate what skirt goes well with your print top. You can never go wrong with black, but do try and add a pop of colour somewhere in your outfit. Otherwise you run the risk of getting lost in the sea of coats and blazers out there.

Always. Always try on the garments at the store and at home to make sure they’re comfortable and that you will actually wear them. There is no point shelling out money for something that will just sit in your closet.

Shoes are next

Sensible but stylish if the name of the game here. When it comes to shoes, you should have a minimum of three styles, at least. These being a pair of sensible flats, heels of some sort, and sleep simple boots for the third. I know we’re trying to keep it simple and causal, but the truth is different pieces of clothing call for different types of shoes.

If you’re doubting the need for this many styles, quickly picture each shoe type with a flowing skirt, a mini skirt, shorts, and then jeans. I’m sure you’ll realize some combinations just don’t fit.
Versatile pieces like those you can find in the VAENO collection are made for the woman on the move, but even they shouldn’t be paired with trainers. The right shoe provides the final touch in completing your causal appearance and can make the different between blah and bam.

Have fun with accessories

If you’re not looking to draw extra attention to yourself but want to add a personalized touch to your look, go for some simple jewellery. Leave the diamonds at home and opt for something less flashy. Simple bracelets or cuffs will instantly draw attention to the fact that you put some thought into your look beyond just your clothing. An elegant watch goes will everything and keep you punctual. You can also dress up any look with a pair of dangling earrings and draw attention to your femininity in an easy, non-obvious way.